Moku Nui
  • Started in Kailua Kona, HI 2007.
  • Designed and inspired from Polynesian tattoo.
  • Website ordering should be available Feb 2016.
Deep Roots
Our roots run deep. Big Island Hawaii natives (kānaka maoli) are decendants from King Kamehameha who united the Hawaiian Islands.
Solid Culture
Perpetuated by the spirit of Aloha, our culture is one that combines the spirit of the warrior, farmer and fisherman with the spirit of the Ali'i (Kings and Queens).

Our Process


Talk with the people and elders to determine the right path to represents our culture in a positive light.


Ancient Polynesian tattoo architecture, bridges the past and present Hawaiian cultures.


Confirm quality, precision and accuracy in everything we create and produce.


Deliver to consumers a quality Hawaiian products at a reasonable cost. This is Moku Nui!

“Wear what the locals wear...Nothing is better. Shoots!”